Security Procedures and TSA screening at RIC

The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, operates security regulations and has some restrictions regarding the carry-on bags, items, etc. Passengers are required to remove coat, jackets, belt, and shoes, and place in a tray. Also, purse, mobile phone, and other electronic devices or items should be placed in a bin. Electronic devices (e.g., laptops, IPad, Game consolers, etc.) should be placed in a separate container for X-ray screening.

TSA monitors all carried items and checks if there are any prohibited items, such as weapons, knives, explosives, or similar objects.

Legal Documents / Real-ID / Driver’s License

Air travelers can use a passport or driver's license to travel via Richmond International Airport. However, these documents are only allowed until October 1, 2020. From 2020, passengers will be required to present Real-ID compliant driver's licenses, to fly within the U.S.U.S., and to be allowed to enter federal facilities. Real-ID is marked with a star at the top corner of the card, that detects its validity.

TSA Security Checkpoints and Departure Time

The TSA's operating hours for security checkpoints are from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

Passengers at RIC airport need to have ready an airline boarding pass along with government-issued photo-ID, for instance, a driver's license. Without those documents, passengers are not allowed to enter the security screening checkpoints.

RIC recommends traveling public to arrive approximately 90 minutes before the departure during non-peak travel days; and 2 hours before the departure flights in peak travel periods. Most airlines are Richmond airport require that bags be screened about 30-45 minutes before the departure. RIC provides self-service kiosks along with personal customer assistance in the ticket counter area.



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